Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday Morning Blues

It is a Monday morning and typically I don't get the Monday morning blues but today is a different story...    

My morning started off with my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) showing a pretty good fasting number until I checked my blood sugar with my One Touch. Sugars were actually a bit higher. So I give myself insulin to bring my blood sugars down; I take my vitamins and get in the shower. I check my CGM when I get out of the shower and my sugars have gone up even more. This is so frustrating! 

This morning I also have to change my infusion site and start with a fresh vial of insulin which will give me an additional amount of insulin when I fill the cannula. Great! This should help bring my sugars down. As I prime the tubing, I am waiting to see the the insulin drip from the needle point. I finally see insulin dripping but have already lost 20 units because of my vision becoming weaker as the years go by. Next I have to insert it now and that isn't exactly peachy. Today sucked! The injection site hurt the worst it has ever hurt! Causing a burning sensation.

My frustration had already begun yesterday after downloading my CGM and pump information onto my PC so I could get a true visual of how my numbers were looking over the past several months.  And they don't look good :( 

I have strived to lower my A1c every 3 months to get it as low as possible. And so far I have been successful at it. But I don't think that will be the case this time. I will know tomorrow after seeing my endocrinologist.

What has changed?

A few things...

  • Hormones- all over the place. UP and DOWN causing my emotions to wreak havoc  
  • Workouts- more weights and high intensity interval training
  • Eating before workouts and blood sugars going up instead of coming down
  • More protein intake
Go figure...

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