Friday, March 6, 2015

Refresh, Reset, Get Fixed!

Some may say I don't need to lose weight, some say I eat better than anyone they know, but I don't agree.  When you are smaller in size than the average 40-45 year olds and your body starts to put on a few pounds, you (as in me) start to notice it and feel it.  My eating habits are okay, they definitely could be better. But compared to the average person, they are pretty good.  Everyone wants the easy way out.  I started with the 21 day Reset Cleanse and to be honest... I was so stressed out doing it because ALL the time spent in the kitchen preparing and cooking.  I had NO TIME for anything else.  It takes A LOT of time cutting and preparing, especially for more than 1 person.  I felt I didn't even have time to connect here on Team BeachBody.  Going through the process I kept thinking to myself, the easy way... how can I make this easier so I don't get off track?  I never really did come up with a plan and little by little I started to fall back into some of my old patterns.  So here it is just about a month has gone by and I have put on what little weight I had lost and a couple more pounds.  I am not a happy person :(  So in just a few days I am going to start the 3 Day Refresh and go right into the 21 day Fix. I have a cruise coming up so I have a little more incentive to push through this.  Because I tell you what... those colored containers... I don't know how they are going to fill me up? 

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