Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hormonally Challenged

     They say at age 40 for a woman everything starts to go down hill, your hormones change, your skin tone changes, and your metabolism changes.  At age 38 I began sliding down that slippery slope.  The first thing I noticed was I began to eat more, especially when I got stressed.  Growing up I never ate when I was stressed, I actually lost weight from being stressed.  My skin tone had already started to change after having my daughter, so that wasn't as noticeable.  Then at the age of 39 I was diagnosed with diabetes.  This was such a shock to me!  It really rocked my world!  How could this be?  I was active and ate pretty well.  It turns out that my own immune system was attacking my pancreas as if it was a foreign object.  This process started because of the chronic stress I placed on myself over the years along with fighting off the "Swine Flu".
     So what does this all mean for me?  As I see it, no more cookies, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, pasta,  and bread.  I am a carboholic; I love carbs!  I can't have what?  Your mind works against you when you are told you "Can't" have something.  When you are told you can't have it, you "Want" it even more.  You begin to "Crave" it all the time.  For a 1.5 years I was extremely good about not eating all those carbs.  I started to exercise just about every day.  I tried so hard to heal myself because I thought this was just a fluke.  I said I was going to fix me!
     March of 2012 my pancreas said I am done; it finally stop working for me all together and I had to go on insulin.  Another blow to my pride.  Hey, but now I "Can" eat carbs again because I have insulin to help those nasty sugars be put to use.  Just as I thought, I started sliding down hill with my eating habits.  I ate extremely well while trying to avoid those bad carbs and not being on insulin.  But now I am eating just okay because I know I have help.